CLASIQ“I am pretty boy vernacular.” Gainesville born and bred, CLASIQ has a background that lies in gospel music, but is inspired by rappers such J Cole, Kendrick, and Tupac. His music lies within the world of hip hop and rap, yet he doesn’t let genre define him. Coming from a diverse background, CLASIQ is able to understand and capture the emotions of all classes. What makes Casey unique is his dedication to his craft. He puts an immense amount of time, dedication and thought into each song and each word choice. His creativity is rich and multidimensional. CLASIQ’s first song, “Arrival,” is out on now.  

“Rap, but not like rap nowadays, it’s more like boom bap. Even though it's not all boom bap, I don’t want to be put in a box. But I consider it hip hop.  I know hip hop and rap seem like they’re the same but I don’t consider them the same. So that’s my genre.”

Background in music?
“Not much actually. My pops is a really good singer. He's been singing at our church for years. He’s a worship leader or whatever. And I was in the choir, gospel choir at my high school, but other than that I got into writing in school, like starting to write poetry. I had a friend that was really good at poetry, my best friend actually, and I was trying to do it myself and I was like nah, I'm just not as good. Then I started doing some love songs and I liked that a lot. You know when you're a kid and you feel like you’re going through something? Like there was this girl that broke my heart during lunch, I caught her sitting at a table with this dude. I would put it all on the page and it would develop overtime.  That's as far as my background goes.”

“So many.  Biggest is probably J Cole, I guess he's my favorite rapper. Well second favorite, Tupac was my favorite rapper, then it's like J Cole.  I think he’s a real wordsmith. Guys like him and Nas, but I’m also a big Kendrick fan. As well as this new cat named Nick Grant, I love Nick Grant, he’s a southern guy, outcast. And obviously gospel music that I was on for so long: Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, Israel, and John P Kee.”
What makes you unique?
“I think its just when I was a bit younger, I was kind of in two separate places at once. When I was growing up, we weren’t in the best circumstances when I was really young, then we were middle class by the time I hit four or five and I didn't even realize it. Then recently we became upper middle class. I still come across a lot of classmates who are still living that way, like the lower class. I may have some friends who I had IB classes with and they’re like, the type of money their parents have...they can throw us off the table if they want. I think its having two perspectives is my greatest quality. So I can see this nigga over here living a life he shouldn't and he can't really convey why he's here and why he wants to leave. But I can see that other person, they may have it all but they’re not happy. But if we could trade places for a second, you know? It’s just having this perspective, it becomes a lot easier to talk to different people. I think that's my best quality, what makes me ‘unique’. I don’t think these other rappers care.”

“Yes, I write my own music, yes all of it. I mean obviously things are a bit different if there are people in the studio with you. Oh that's sound good, write it down, and obviously they get writing credit for that. But I write all my music, I don’t have anybody else write it. Nobody knows us, we can’t do that. Can’t ghostwrite, that would be so trash.”

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