Est. 2019


︎ JUNE 14 ︎

This year Dion Dia will be collaborating with Connect the Dots in order to bring No Borders Fest to Gainesville. An opening party for our push to fight toxic prisons

︎ JULY 26 ︎

A very special silent disco event hosted in the basement of the Hippodrome Theatre!  You won’t want to miss it.

︎ AUGUST 13 ︎

The 13th brings an array of great Florida based artist to The Atlantic. Catch our friends Juntos, Charles Irwin, Even Less Friends, and Dutch Martins all in one night! Event page.

︎ AUGUST 16 ︎

Join us at The Corridor for a house party with a Dion Dia twist on it. Check out the event page here.

︎ AUGUST 22 ︎

Get ready for Full Spectrum, a collaborative event feauting an array of local players in the music scene. 

︎ AUGUST 30 ︎

The DISCO for GOOD is back! This time we’re working with WELLS Foundation on what might be out best disco yet!

︎ SEPTEMBER 27 ︎

JUKE NIGHT is back folks! Back and better than ever.

︎ SEPTEMBER 28 ︎

Samurai Skate Shop grand opening! See you there!

︎ OCTOBER 12 ︎

Join us for Dion Dia’s second HOUSE PARTY! If you missed the first, you definitely can’t miss this one! 

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