Est. 2019


︎ AUGUST 22 ︎

Get ready for Full Spectrum, a collaborative event feauting an array of local players in the music scene.

︎ AUGUST 30 ︎

The DISCO for GOOD is back! This time we’re working with WELLS Foundation on what might be out best disco yet!

︎ SEPTEMBER 27 ︎

JUKE NIGHT is back folks! Back and better than ever.

︎ SEPTEMBER 28 ︎

Samurai Skate Shop grand opening! See you there!

︎ OCTOBER 12 ︎

Join us for Dion Dia’s second HOUSE PARTY! If you missed the first, you definitely can’t miss this one!

︎ OCTOBER 25 ︎

We’ve partner up with the Hipp once again for a very special disco this month. One fitting for the time of the year.

︎ NOVEMBER 1 ︎
We’ll be releasing something very special on this date. Keep an eye out!

︎ NOVEMBER 22 ︎

The Dion Dia Family Reunion. Tickets are limited so gets yours while they last!

︎ DECEMBER 1 ︎

Casey Jones decided to hop on the iconic Purple instrumental. Keep a look out for the release!

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