We—Jahi Khalfani, Khary Khalfani, & Laila Fakhoury—have always taken it upon ourselves to better the places we call home, and for half a decade, we've been on a journey to enrich Gainesville and the surrounding areas artistically and culturally. Gainesville is very transient; people come and go year after year. We've chosen to stay, build, and learn — refining our understanding and approach over time and continuing to contribute to Alachua County in meaningful ways that hopefully help make it easier for people to stay.

Big: Culture & Arts Festival is another step in this perpetual journey — designed as a central beacon for Florida's endless creative, cultural, and artistic energies. A world of culture and art, heavily based on what's happening in different cities across the state and complemented by what's happening outside of it. It's time to get better acquainted, collaborate, cooperate, support, and build.

We invite all who resonate with our vision to journey with us. Whether you want to contribute or suggest, our ears are open. Let's build Big.

- Jahi Khalfani