SAINT MIDASFlorida born artist, Christian Hilaire aka Saint Midas, describes his music as a mix of rap and grunge. Involved in music from a young age, he draws inspiration from many sources such as XXXTentacion, Kurt Cobain, and Chester Bennington. Yet, his music can’t be categorized, Saint Midas falls into his own genre. Using music as a catharsis, his songs are filled with raw emotions and unique beats. His first release, “Dead by Daylight: Vol. 1,”is a full length album that is a culmination of Christian’s experiences and emotions. In the age of internet where everybody is making music, Saint Midas stands out by being an artist who isn’t afraid to be intimate in his music.

“Punk, grunge, with rap, you know punk hop, grunge rap. I don’t really look rough. I look three years younger than I actually am. But finally I've beginning to become comfortable in how I look. Finally I’m able to come into myself, into my thing.  The music I make, it's all very rough but in the pretty sort of way.”

“My dad has always been in music that's where I got the studio from. My brother mixed. We all do our little thing. My dad has the studio, and my brother mixes and records us sometimes. The producers come from other places but nowadays, now that we’re in 21st century. You can just have, everything can be sent it.

I didn’t like music until I was like 13 or 14, only because I would go into my dad’s studio and I couldn’t make what I wanted to make. It sounds weird but I would go in there and I would have an idea of what I wanted to make, which was at first EDM. Yeah, I wanted to make EDM music.

I wanted to make EDM, couldn’t make EDM, but I listened to a lot of punk rock. Then a couple years later I started getting into rap music. And then, all of sudden I learned how to use the studio. Then you just take the trifecta and combine them into one. And you have my little style.

Also I sing. Since 1st or 2nd grade, I was in chorus. Then I went into ensemble and competitions. All that stuff. But I don’t sing a lot in my music, which is weird. I’m saving that. I want to try everything, but first I want to make grunge stuff. Punk is what I want to do first.” 

“That's the first everybody goes to, are you influenced by XXXTentacion, are you influenced by X. And yes, obviously I’m influenced by X but I feel like X opened the door for people to be allowed to make a punk-ish grunge.
A dark spin off of the music that's been before. I feel like it was jewellery music, flashy, which it still is but it can be a little deeper than that.

No matter how much the artist wants to say ‘I make my own sound and I’m unique’, an artist will listen to music and they will  always get ideas from it regardless if they think they do or not. Now, I actively try to recognize that, when I think I’m making a song. Okay, I know that I’m obviously going into the direction of this artist but what can i do to completely steer it off path. For example like in Nightmare Sequence, there was a song there that sounded like a lot of my other songs, so I thought what can I do to change it up. So I just dropped the pitch of the entire beat. PUt my thing off like a completely put the entire  verse of onenote in a beat, and I was like okay that sounds a lot different. So I purposely try to figure out what makes it sound like somebody's else song, instead of being in denial saying this will not sound like anybody else, I look at what I made at the end and okay now that i Know i can put this into a category, what can I do to completely just differentiate it. Change it at the end. Get your inspiration at the end, just assume that people will know your inspiration, and throw it off course.”

Dead by Daylight? “I had the idea  for the name before the video game came out. It actually was going to be a joint project with one of the guys who is featured on there. It was a project from years ago.
Regarding the feel of the album. In person I’m like a chill dude and never get angry but I like to get all those emotions out. It doesn't hurt people in real life. It’s catharsis. The first track on my project is called catharsis because I want get all the negative feelings out so that the rest of me can be positive for everybody else. My little philosophy.”

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